Company Profile

We as members of Petektar Seed Breeding & Production company wanted to provide seeds from our own genetic resources, suitable to our ecological structure with high quality but still affordable enough to benefit Turkish agriculture & our farmers. With this purpose Petektar was established in Antalya , TURKEY 2010.

We operate on 40 acres of land which includes greenhouses sitting on 25 acres, and the rest is open field. With the authorization granted by the Ministry of Agriculture, our company has the rights to conduct research and production in the field of seed grain.Our products meet the international quality standards and Seed Registration and Certification established by the Ministry of Agriculture carried out in accordance with standards.

Our seeds are entirely produced in Antalya , TURKEY.Petektar has ongoing research / breeding on different varieties of tomatoes,cucumbers, eggplants, squash, melons and watermelons.
Our Seeds are tested by our team of experts in accordance to the high quality standards of physical and physiological tests. Our seeds are presented to our farmers.

We continue to use conventional breeding methods and modern techniques; durable, efficient, high-quality and long-lasting varieties are being developed.

With the additional breeding methods we came up with, we improved quality & yield.With seeds that we provide and produce in TURKEY ,We provide an increase in agricultural production, productivity and quality.

Our Values

-We respect labor

-We pay ultimate attention to team work

- Believe in quality

-We value our employees and distributors

Our Quality Policy

Carrying out our production activities based on a service concept prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers and employees Increasing business performance and quality by constantly assisting our employees with technical training Being involved in activities for constant improvement of our system, being open to scientific methods and all innovations Shaping production within the framework of the quality management system Offering our products to our customers without sacrificing quality Carrying out each and every legal action while being responsible to the environment Dealing with all the firms we are in a trade relation with; within business ethics are the main principles of the quality policy of our company

Our Mission

To be aware of our responsibilities in our sector.

To be successful with the right variety in every segment.

To work with sophisticated and educated staff members with team work in mind.

To consider the satisfaction of everyone from grower to consumer.

To be the leading company.

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